I am a trained electonic technician and graduate engineer in Data Analysis and Process Design (back in 2001, the term «Data Science» was not yet fully established). The programming language R has been a faithful companion for data exploration, analysis, modelling and visualisation throughout my career.

I am an advocate of project-based collaboration in multidisciplinary teams and support any method of agile project management, provided that

  1. the team members’ roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.
  2. the products’ vision is identified and a product roadmap created.

For integrating standard IT applications into an existing technical and oranisational framework as well as building on existing IT infrastructure I stick to HERMES 5 – an open standard developed by the federal administration of Switzerland.

I use of GitLab for all my projects. Goal: A single application for project planning, source code management, issue tracking, CI/CD, etc. This page as well as www.b-data.io have been published with GitLab Pages directly from a repository in GitLab.

I try to devote about 20% of my time to collaborating with start-ups. If you think I would be a good fit for your team, contact me by e-mail or call me on Skype. I always take the time to look into your project to discuss the possibilities of a cooperation.